The Tommies Reunion

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Some of the original lead vocalists and musicians that made up the “Choir’s Choir” affectionately known to most as just “The Tommies,” originally under the direction of the late trailblazer, Rev. Milton Brunson, can still be seen and heard through the vision of Darius Brooks who reassembled former members of the famed *"Thompson Community Singers" from around the country and put them together again to form THE TOMMIES REUNION.

The Tommies Reunion is comprised of former members of the Thompson Community Singers as well as some new young talent that treasures the experience of working with the faces and voices that sent the group to the top of the charts during the late 80’s and 90’s and ushered in the contemporary gospel sound which led to them being called the #1 choir in the country and placed them permanently in gospel music history.

This collaboration resulted in The Tommies Reunion receiving 2008 Stellar Award Nominations for “Traditional Choir of the Year” and “Choir of the Year” for their first CD, Side A. “Side B” their second release garnered two 2009 Stellar Award Nominations for “Traditional Choir of the Year,” and “Music Video of the Year.”

Despite these accomplishments, The Tommies Reunion has just gotten started! On Monday, August 29, 2016, The Tommies Reunion along with the Dream Team, consisting of Darius Brooks, Percy Bady, Steve Stone Huff, Richard Gibbs, Kevin Brunson, Al Willis, Kevin Brunson and newcomer Donyea Goodman, held a live DVD and CD recording with over 2,000 fans, supporters, pastors, artists, musicians, vocalists and industry professionals from all over this country. That night was historic! They recorded 14 ALL NEW ORIGINAL SONGS that provided a catalog of music that promises to permeate the hearts and souls of people from every walk of life.


The Tommies Reunion and the Dream Team’s goal was to once again create, produce and record NEW life- changing music with a universal message that is inspiring and thought provoking, music that speaks to the hearts of the people in our communities and world and sends a message of healing through the music. That night, August 29th, the consensus is, they did just that! The experience was spirit filled, uplifting and inspiring to all who were there.

This group of seasoned veterans includes; pastors, producers, artists, musicians, and songwriters that have worked in almost every genre of music and garnered Grammy, Stellar and Dove Awards. With the release of their NEW DVD/CD, churches from around the country and around the world will have the opportunity to draw again from a catalog of music from a group that has provided countless gospel treasures and a sound that is uniquely their own with songs, such as ; Safe in His Arms, There Is No Way, For the Good of Them, My Mind’s Made Up, Jesus Is a Rock, Great Things, He’s Still Good, Over and Over, Rest for the Weary, Crown of Life, Cleansed by the Blood, The Holy Ghost, Lord, I’m Available to You, He’ll Make It Alright, If I Be Lifted, Jesus Rose, God’s Got It, Lord I Believe, and He Cares for You, just to name a few.

Fans around the country and around the world treasure the songs and sound that is uniquely their own. You can still see and hear this rich music by ordering your own copy of their CDs and DVD from our Web Store To bring them to your city, complete the contact form and someone will contact you for more information.